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Graphics Dojo, a blatant imitation of the London Python Dojo.

Occurring Tuesday afternoons at the London Hackspace.

A 'dojo' is a sort of theme-and-variations attempt at making stuff.

People break into groups and make multiple attempts at making the same thing. Then they get to see how other people go about the same task.

Bring a laptop and drawing tablet with you, if possible.

If there's any particular graphic you're interested in making, list it below.

Stuff People Would Like to Make

3D models of various Egyptian artifacts like tiny statuettes which could be printed using a 3d printer or produced in the hundreds by a factory somewhere in China

Posters for the London Hackspace that involve cool drawings of giant robots battling godzilla

Graphics for other Hackspace merchandise that could be used to make profits for the Hackspace

Some clever variations on the Hackspace logo (the way the Google doodle is a continuous variation on itself)


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