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Better descriptions to follow.

 <Jasperw>	go to desk
 <Jasperw>	look at monitor
 <Jasperw>	trace monitor cable
 <Jasperw>	switch attached machine off
 <Jasperw>	remove all drives from machine
 <Jasperw>	put drives in one of the 'done' boxes. NOT the dead drive box (unless the drives are dead)
 <Jasperw>	if drives have long thin connector (SCA SCSI) then leave machine off and go back to whatever you where doing (We're pretty much done with the SCa ones).
 <Jasperw>	of they have a sata connector then find some more sata drives on the shelves (not in the boxes).
 <Jasperw>	plug 4 x drives into machine.

<SpikeUK>	Jasperw - I've found three drives kicking about on shelf - can you direct me to another likely source please?
<Jasperw>	SCA or SATA?
 <Jasperw>	there should be more drives on the shelves, you just have to look around.
 <SpikeUK>	S
 <SpikeUK>	Jasperw - sorry SATA
 <Jasperw>	you might need to remove them from one of the other types of caddy.
 <SpikeUK>	Jasperw - OK
 <Jasperw>	and put them into whatever is the right caddy type for the machine thats free for wipeing.#

<SpikeUK>	Jasperw - machine is now fitted with four new drives (in same slots that others came from)
<Jasperw>	ok, power it on and, depending on what machine type it is, you'll need to work out how to get into the raid controller setup and configure the drives as single disks or JBOD.
 <martind>	SpikeUK: is it a machine in the left or right-hand rack?
 <SpikeUK>	martind - right hand rack
 <martind>	alt+3 to start RAID setup during boot
 <martind>	then clear all 
 <martind>	(select all disks, then "clear")
 <martind>	then set up new ones
 <martind>	one by one
 <martind>	select spare disk, "create", which takes you to an "accept" screen
 <martind>	four times
 <martind>	then f8 to finish & reboot 

<SpikeUK>	martind - ok machine rebooting. Only 3 o4 4 drives was recognised. What do I want to boot into?
 <martind>	SpikeUK: may be worth investigating the dead drive
 <martind>	e.g. check the LEDs
 <Jasperw>	dban autonuke on the netboot menu