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SOP FrameWork Hackspace BioLab

1. Introduction
LBL01001 The LBL BioLab SOPs

2. Health and Safety Prerequisites, Inductions and Training
LBL02001 Laboratory Induction

3. Roles of the BS and GM SC, and BSO
LBL03001 The Roles of the BSO and Safety Committee

4. General BioLab Procedures
LBL04001 Operating the Spectrophotometer.. *
LBL04002 Using the Autoclave for Media Preparation *
LBL04003 The BioLab Centrifuges and their usage.. **
LBL04004 Using The Incubator
LBL04005 Operating the Laminar Flow Unit for asceptic sample handling.. **
LBL04006 Using the Autoclave for Waste Deactivation *
LBL04007 Using the Kill Bin *
LBL04008 Using the microwave *

5. CL1 Requirements
LBL05001 Containment Level One For BioLab Users

6. Risk Assessments and requirements for PIs
LBL06001 Project Risk Assessment Procedure for Lab Users Proposing New Projects.**
LBL06002 Risk Assessment Procedure for Lab Users Proposing Transport of GMOs Outside the Lab.**

7. Molecular Biology Procedures

LBL07001 Preparation of competent E. Coli (chemical method)
LBL07002 Heat shock transformation of E. coli
LBL07003 Gel preparation and electrophoresis.. **
LBL07004 Setting up and running PCRs e.g Colony PCR.. **
LBL07005 Handling and Storage of Ethidium Bromide (EtBr). **
LBL07006 UV Illumination of electrophoresis gels**

8. Maintenance
LBL08001 Maintenance and Cleaning.. **
LBL08002 Topping up the RO water level in the Autoclave

Appendix A. Use and Storage of Chemicals
LBL0A001 BioLab Chemical Storage
LBL0A002 BioLab Chemicals MSDS Catalogue

Appendix B. Further Information
LBL0B001 Updating the SOP Framework and the SOP Template.

- *  - contents started but not finished
- ** - template created but needs contents