BioLab Rules

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1. Individuals who have not undergone the lab safety induction are only allowed in the lab under the supervision of an individual that has undergone the safety induction.

2. No food and drink for human consumption is permitted in the lab.

3. Individuals must always wash their hands before leaving the lab.

4. Individuals must not operate equipment if they are unsure of the operating procedure.

5. No work with pathogenic organisms may be undertaken.

6. Any work with GMOs may only be commenced once a risk assessment has been approved for the work in question. The work must follow the procedures specified in this risk assessment.

7. All work in the laboratory must follow the London Biohackspace Advice for Safe Lab Use and the procedures set out in the London Biohackspace SOPs.

8. It is the duty of all individuals who have undergone safety training to report any breaches of rules 1-7 to the BSO.

Anyone caught contravening the above rules or behaving recklessly in the laboratory will be cautioned. If a second incident of rule contravention or reckless behaviour from the same individual is reported, the individual will be barred from accessing the laboratory. The decisions on this matter will be from the BSO and will be final.