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Induction/Training sheet

The purpose of these topics is to reduce the amount of face to face time required to complete the biolab training in line with social distancing.

This training sheet covers the subjects which biolab users will have been expected to be familiar with, and have agreed to.


The lab is registered for contained use of GM, which we do occasionally. i.e. transforming bacteria and making plasmids for insertion, so as part of those regulations we have to do an induction and record the members agreement and date of training/induction. (training sheet is in the lab and needs to be signed by member and countersigned by trainee)


GM work

GM work requires special consideration, and if you are going to do it, it needs to be risk assessed. If you have no intention of doing GM stuff, you still need to be aware of containment and appropriate handling of any GM material that is in the lab. In particular any cultures, samples, containing microbes, consumables that have come into contact with microbes should be autoclaved before disposal into general waste.

Labelling and cleaning

  • Label anything you are storing with your name, the contents and the date.
  • Items left in the fridge are subject to being disposed of by autoclave if they are mouldy, smell particularly awful, or after a month.
  • clear the work surfaces, sink etc at the end of every day.
  • empty the autoclave.

Equipment Safety

There is equipment in the lab which is potentially dangerous. I usually mention the autoclave, the -80c freezer, and the potential for hot things, broken glass, and taking care that electrical equipment does not come into contact with liquids. It is important that you look after your own safety.

Basically, everyone is expected to treat equipment well, use it safely, and clear up after yourself, especially for example broken glass, or chemical spills. There is no guarantee that the person who came before actually did that properly, so care is required.

Equipment that needs an IRL demonstration before use:

  1. Autoclave
  2. Centrifuge
  3. flow hood
  4. RO water machine
  5. high voltage equipment such as electroporator

In a regular lab, it might be expected that all the equipment is in good working order, however much of the equipment donated to the biolab because it was faulty, or was no longer being serviced.


Gloves, eye protection, cleaning products should be available. If we run out of anything important, such as PPE or basic consumables, then post on the #general channel and we will try to sort it out

Chemicals and Storage

The chemicals used and stored in the lab have individual storage requirements, the storage requirements will likely be listed on chemical's packaging. Before using any chemical, laboratory users must familiarise themselves with the material safety data sheet (MSDS) for that chemical.


If there are any safety issues, or anything you want to report, generally report anything to the slack #general channel, but there is an incidents form if you want to report something confidentially

Guest access

Anyone using the lab should be inducted, or the guest of an inducted member. The member is responsible for the behaviour of their guests.

Lab Rules

There is a list of general rules here:

There is also a guide here:

(however some of that information is out of date)

Basically, if you are unclear on anything, please ask...