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Lab Balance

We have several pieces of equipment that need calibrating.

PCR machine

We currently have 1 working PCR machine, but it's quite old.

Lab balance with RS-232/usb outputs

It would be useful to be able to calibrate the liquid handling systems using an automated system. Currently we don't have anything like that. A 1 mg would probably be sufficient, but something like this is better;

or possibly a UK supplier of something like this;

Visible Spectrophotometer for OD600

A modern working Spectrophotometer would be a great asset to the lab. We are currently making do with guess-work, and Macfarland standards for comparison. Something like this would probably do;

UV Spectrophotometer

this would also be useful, but unfortunately replacement deuterium bulbs are expensive. seem like at least 100GBP;

Nanodrop spectrophotometer

"Microvolume UV-Vis spectrophotometers and fluorospectrometers"

Ultra Low Temp Freezer (-80C, -70C, or comparable)

For storage of various samples and cells, a ULT freezer (usually -80C, but that's possibly over spec for our requirement) is the industry standard.

Currently it appears that both the initial outlay and the power costs for running this equipment are beyond our budget. But its a would-like to be able to make up large batches of competent cells.

Foot pedal operated lab waste bin

(Edit: Edo sourced a couple of these from UCL's warp account.. Thanks!)

In order to improve the general hygiene it is recommended to use Hands free laboratory rubbish bins, (the ones that are operated with a foot pedal) The lids stops insects getting in, and waste escaping out, and the pedal saves you from contaminating your PPE gloves.

Lab consumables

large gloves

disposable pipettes

Sterile petri dishes

Gas can for bunsen burner


For making gels and stuff. It's also not that cheap...

SKU: NBS-AG500 £171.00

500g 149.00 €\&&id=104