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As you now know, as you are here, Blacksmithing training is occurring at Stepney City Farm on (usually) Wednesday evenings at 18:30 for 19:00.

Map Here:[1]

There are 6 places.

Please read this message from Ian: The Farm have begun to advertise the Wednesday evening classes on their website and are pestering me for the ok to advertise on other websites too. That means that from now on its likely to be a bit of a free for all regarding places so its been decided the best thing to do is to start prebooking spots. Its easy enough, all anyone has to do is register their interest with me directly via email and then pay for the session they want to attend in advance. To secure a place on the following session you'd need to pay for that session at the same time. Then at that session you'd pay for the next session and so on. Essentially paying a week in advance secures your spot. Non attendee's would lose their automatic spot and the money for the class they'd paid for in advance. Dont get me wrong, if you've been run over or your Mum died then we can talk about refunds and getting your spot back but because of the Farms desire for more control over how I do things the emphasis is on filling the five places consistently to ensure their cut of the proceeds. I hope it doesn't put anyone off, its not my idea but I can see the point the Farm manager is making. Feel free to get in touch to talk about it, we can sort any problems I'm sure.

This has not been happening of late as interest seems to have subsided to zero..

Attendees of a session get a place (if they want) on the following week's session, unless a replacement is negotiated. Or whatever, no rules really but trying to be a little organised.

Waiting list

Please add your name below if you want to be on the waiting list: