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This is proposed day of board gaming from the small to the large from the intensely tactical to the pure luck based, what ever the game come and play it.

Please note:

  • Nothing will be supplied so bring the games you want to play.
  • Nothing is organised beyond the space, if you want a tournament you have to sort it out, if you want house rules go for it, if you want tasters/demos you need to sort it


The date is Sunday Nov 11th 2012. It was decided via a Doodle poll located at . The time will be 13:30ish until we get bored.


Come and play board games. Currently suggest games range form classics (Scrabble, chess, go), to 'Euro' games (Catan, Carcassone), silly games (Zombies! illuminati) and many more.

Currently there is no D&D planned but a separate evening may be started for this. Computer games also currently aren't planned; the focus is on board games, card games and similar.


The quiet room of the Hackspace to begin with but there have been proposals that we move to a pub instead to have more space/access to booze, or to a local member's house.


Why not? and because we like playing games


Anyone - though please register your interest on the above-linked poll. If you've not tried any of the games come along and have a watch/play.