Brighton makerfaire

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Brighton Makerfaire

We need to write an application for the brighton makerfaire on the 3rd of september, i suggest we get together a list of projects we can take to show off as well as a load of stuff we can take to hack on the day

Hopefully it'll go much like the MF in newcastle (i.e. Turn up, hack, get drunk, think of drunk things, build them the next day)

Event Info


Theyre planning to run a soldering workshop for 30+ people in a large area, we'd be involved with that (by selling kits and assisting people with soldering). Along side that there'd be space for us to show of projects we've made ourselves. I suggest we get together a list of projects to take with us, bear in mind this is for Joe-Public so "ZOMG FLASHY LIGHTS" would be more appropriate than "check out this cool SVG renderer I wrote"

Volunteer below, even if you cant make there some of us can take the projects with us for you

Projects to show off

  • Kinect things - tomw
  • Possible robot project, More likely just lending of hands - Bob/b3cft
  • Bridge design & build competition (Lego or lollipop sticks) - I would like to help run a challenge
  with visitor teams throughout one day. Are children allowed to attend / help on stands?
  • Hoping to attend, will probably be available to help Artag
  • If I'm back in London and I can get the material, I can do 'Only' again if thats cool? Oni