CNC Induction Requests

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CNC induction requests

Please Complete the following table by filling in bottom row where detail is prefixed with | with relevant background

Name Membership ID Manual Experience I can create CAD Drawings I understand the CAM process I can apply Speeds and Feeds to my jobs What I want to make Do you have the CAD Files Do you have the CAM Files
Gabriele Monti 9428 I have been trained on a shopbot at machinesroom some some some cut plywood yes yes
Leonardo Zangrando HS03835 minor machining; some welding; a lot of woodworking with hand power tools decent, both for 3D printing and laser cutting same as for CAD decent understanding guitar body and neck yet to create them, I want to experiment before no, same as CAD
Angus Faulkner HS04237 Some lathe experience and a lot of welding Yes Not fully No Eventually small stainless steel components No No
Calum Nicoll HS08949 Minor machining: some welding, a lot of wood and metal working with hand power tools 3d printing 3d printing Yes Aluminium and steel components for stove, robotics parts, drill PCB holes Some No
Brendan Gillatt HS08918 some experience with manual mill. Plenty of hand / power tools. solidworks / ProEngineer proficiency experienced wrt to PCB / 3D printing CAM yes components for gearbox (alu) yes yes
Andrius S. HS05382 Some experience with manual mill. Plenty of hand / power tools. AutoCAD / Fusion 3D printing and PCB manufacturing Basic understanding Hobby / drone / e-skateboard parts Yes Yes, but would still ask for final confirmation the first time
Lu Zhang HS09808 wood cutting illustration, cinema 4d, Rieno what CAM experience you have No Laser cutting Yes Yes
Hamish Denton HS10088 Have previously used CNCs . Illustrator & VCarve A little. A little. Small projects. Yes No
Tomas Pokorny HS09776 Trained on shopbot at machinesroom, Hand and power tool exp. with wood/metal Autocad / Rhino Not fully Basic understanding cut plywood/perspex/alu parts for small projects Yes No
Luca Torrente HS02765 CNC lathe owner and basic experience, manual lathe and milling basics Fusion360 YES YES Basics cut plywood/perspex/alu YES YES
Damian Pajak HS06754 Trained in Engineering, varied levels of workshop skills on Lathe / Mill / Welding / Hand tools. Autocad / Some Sketch up Some experience Some Understanding Various fixtures for custom bike I will have Once design complete
Shaun Meehan HS02208 Alot of wood/metal working using hand/power tools including manual lathe Freecad / Sketch up Yes Basic understanding Cut wood Yes No