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Colchester Master Lathe
Colchester Master Lathe.jpg
Sub-category Metalworking
Status Awaiting Training Plan
Last updated 20 August 2019 18:39:05
Training requirement yes
ACnode yes
Owner LHS
Origin Donation
Location Ground Floor, Metalworking Shop
Maintainers Machine Shop Team Liam Tim and Dean

Colchester Master 3250 Lathe

Powered up and commissioned.


Training Required

Training Process.

Make yourself know on the metal working list - when a machine maintainer or team member has time he will pick up the request. arrange to be in when a machine shop maintainer is going to be in. watch the required prerequisite training as listed on the metal work group page. you need to understand the terminology, process's and get hand on (both are critical) if you dont watch them you are wasting everyone's time Bring your material and drawings in and discuss your project with a machine shop maintainer. Be prepared to invest significant time and effort into mastering the required skill.

No Wood

Metal Group!forum/london-hackspace-metal-working-group