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18" Scroll SawScroll Saw (NuTool 18")WoodworkingWood shopWoodshop teamNoNoGood working order21 January 2022 12:53:39
600mm 3-in-1 Sheetmetal Machine3-in-1 Sheetmetal Machine (600mm)MetalworkingMetalworking shopMetalshop teamNoNoGood working order14 December 2022 08:39:16
Ajax Pillar DrillPillar Drill (Ajax)WoodworkingWood shopWoodshop teamNoNoGood working order20 January 2022 19:42:59
Bandsaw (iTech)Bandsaw (iTech)WoodworkingWood shopYesYesGood working order8 August 2022 17:12:02
Bandsaw - Miniature (Lumberjack BS200)Bandsaw - Miniature (Lumberjack BS200)WoodworkingWood shopWoodshop teamNoNoGood working order3 April 2024 20:22:48
Bobbin SanderBobbin SanderWoodworkingWood shopWoodshop teamNoNoGood working order18 April 2022 21:16:01
Boxford CNC Induction19 November 2017 18:38:01
Brazing hearthFlamefast brazing hearthDefunctCageLHSSci, Andy PeckhamYesNoDefunct17 January 2022 11:16:40
Bridgeport MillMetal Milling Machine (Bridgeport)MetalworkingMetalworking ShopLHSMachine Shop Team, Liam, Tim and DeanYesYesGood working order15 May 2023 07:59:03
Casting Furnace (Devil-Forge FB1S)Casting Furnace (Devil-Forge FB1S)MetalworkingCageToby MolyneuxYesNoGood working order17 May 2022 16:32:54
Casting Furnace (Vevor M.MF.02000)Casting Furnace (Vevor M.MF.02000)MetalworkingMetalworking shop (Use only in cage)Toby MolyneuxYesNoOut of Order1 September 2022 08:52:24
Clarke Strong-Arm 12 ton pipe benderPipe Bender (Clarke Strong-Arm 12 Ton)MetalworkingMetalworking shopCalum MillbankMetalshop teamNoNoGood working order21 January 2022 12:54:36
Cytringan arc welderStick Welder (Cytringan Model A)DefunctCageMetalshop teamYesNoDefunct14 December 2022 08:46:32
Denford CNC 2600Denford CNCCNCGround Floor, WoodshopLHSJonathanYesNot yetHttps:// View tool status17 September 2022 12:50:55
Entry level CAD/CAM20 November 2017 19:19:03
Equipment/12inch Chester Multiformer3-in-1 Sheetmetal Machine (12" Chester Multiformer)DefunctMetalworking shopNigleMetalshop teamNoNoDefunct14 December 2022 08:41:51
Equipment/Axminster Belt & Disc SanderBelt & Disc Sander (Axminster)DefunctWood shopWoodshop teamNoNoDefunct15 May 2023 07:34:24
Equipment/Bus PirateBus pirateTest equipmentGround floor, electronics benchUnknownGood working order8 August 2022 12:12:30
Equipment/Clarke Dust ExtractorDust Extractor (Clarke)WoodworkingWood shopMatthewaspinallNoNoGood working order20 January 2022 19:04:45
Equipment/Clarke Metalworker 8" Bench GrinderBench Grinder (Clarke 8")MetalworkingCageMachine Shop TeamNoNoGood working order20 January 2022 18:28:43
Equipment/Colchester Master LatheMetal Lathe (Colchester Master)MetalworkingMetalworking ShopLHSMachine Shop Team - lead is TobyYesYesGood working order15 March 2023 10:28:40
Equipment/CompoundMitreSawCompound Mitre Saw (Evolution Rage3)WoodworkingWood shopLHSWoodshop teamNoNoGood working order8 August 2022 17:21:15
Equipment/Dewalt Table sawTable Saw (Dewalt)WoodworkingWood shopHackspacePhil (cepmender), Simon HewisonYesNoGood working order16 January 2024 08:33:57
Equipment/Donkey SawDonkey Saw (Rapidor Major)MetalworkingMetalworking shopLondon HackspaceYetifiascoNoNoGood working order21 January 2022 12:56:11
Equipment/Drying Cabinet2 June 2019 19:25:56
Equipment/First aidFirst aid kitSafetyThroughout the HackspaceUnknownNo21 October 2021 19:03:35
Equipment/Hantek 5102P DSOHantek 5102P Digital oscilloscopeTest equipmentGnd Floor Electronics LabHackspaceRequires Electronics Lab AccessNoGood working order27 February 2022 13:55:58
Equipment/HP1650AHP 1650A Logic AnalyzerTest equipmentBasement, small shelvesUnknownNoGood working order11 October 2021 23:14:19
Equipment/Kiln-2Kiln (QMUL)DefunctCageLHSMachine Shop TeamNoNoDefunct23 June 2022 07:46:38
Equipment/Kiln Carbolite - High TempKiln (Carbolite)DefunctCageDeanMachine Shop TeamNoNoDefunct14 December 2022 08:44:06
Equipment/KioskKiosk2SystemsGround floor, Middle roomLHSSysadmin teamNoNoGood working order5 November 2022 15:30:54
Equipment/Knitting MachineKnitting MachineCraftsGround floor, Middle Room room, crafts cornerChixor, Russ, SolexiousYesNoGood working order19 August 2022 21:58:08
Equipment/LovelaceLovelace/communal PCScrappedLHSNoNoScrapped1 June 2013 12:01:54
Equipment/Makerbot CupcakeEquipment/Makerbot CupcakeScrappedUnknownYesScrapped1 June 2013 12:03:42
Equipment/PowerPlanerElectric planerDefunctBasement, workshop, tool-shelfUnknownDefunct19 January 2022 12:48:06
Equipment/PrintersHP Color LaserJet 4700Office equipmentGround floor, main area, next to members shelvingUnknownNoNoGood working order31 January 2022 08:51:38
Equipment/Radial Arm SawRadial Arm SawDefunctWoodshopHackspaceSimon HewisonYesYesDefunct24 February 2022 08:08:58
Equipment/RJH Tool GrinderTool Grinder (RJH)MetalworkingCageLHSMachine Shop TeamYesNoGood working order14 December 2022 08:42:45
Equipment/RoutingTablePro Router/Saw TableDefunctWoodshopPhil (cepmender)Phil (cepmender)YesNoDefunct17 January 2022 15:16:14
Equipment/Sedgwick Table sawTable Saw (Sedgewick)WoodworkingWood shopHackspaceStephen O'Brien, Simon Hewison, Phil Roy, Ant, AidasYesYesGood working order22 May 2022 02:11:54
Equipment/Sewing MachinesSewing machinesCrafts1st Floor, Textiles roomUnknown14 October 2019 20:47:47
Equipment/StaubliStaubli robot armGroup:RoboticsRobotics groupNoneNoRetired and scrapped4 August 2022 21:26:32
Equipment/TuringEquipment/TuringSystemsA Bitfolk datacenterLHSThe TrusteesYesNoGood working order23 November 2018 17:33:32
Equipment/Tyzack PlanerSurface Planer (Tyzack)WoodworkingWood shopWoodshop teamYesYesGood working order8 August 2022 11:42:14
Equipment/WebcamsEquipment/WebcamsSafetyThroughout the HackspaceUnknownFridgeheadNoNo21 October 2021 19:04:00
FJ Edwards SwagerFJ Edwards swagerDefunctRobotics Area, basementLHSNoUnknown15 February 2022 09:12:30
Fly PressFly PressMetalworkingMetalworking shopMetalshop teamNoNoGood working order20 January 2022 18:35:16
General Use Hand ToolsGeneral Use Hand ToolsHand toolsWood shop and metal shopEveryoneNoNoGood working order11 February 2022 08:27:44
Guyson Sand BlaserSand Blaster (Guyson)MetalworkingCageMetalshop teamNoNoGood working order20 January 2022 18:59:15
JET Pilar drillJET Pillar drillDefunctMetalshopNoUnknown20 January 2022 18:45:44
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