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100L Kettle100L KettleBrewingBrewing KitchenDetDetNoGood working order21 November 2019 12:22:15
18" Scroll Saw18" Scroll SawWoodworkingWoodshopNoNoGood working order11 October 2019 09:18:09
Air Compressor SGS 14CFMAir Compressor SGS 14CFMMetal WorkshopPledge - advance purchaseWorkshop CrewNoNoGood working order16 May 2019 10:40:55
Alexander Tool Cutter and GrinderArchive:Alexander Tool Cutter and GrinderDefunctBasementDean Forbes (Long Term Loan)Dean ForbesYesNoRemoved16 May 2019 10:45:08
AsimovAsimovGroup:RoboticsBasement by the rackRobotics groupYesNoGood working order26 November 2013 13:52:37
AutoclaveAutoclaveGroup:BiohackingBasement, Biohacking labBiohackersNoNoGood working order26 January 2015 20:22:21
Balance 1mgBalance 1mgGroup:BiohackingBasement, Biohacking labCzechtonNoNoFaulty26 January 2015 20:19:42
BBQ (Girraffe)BBQ (Girraffe)DefunctYardDean Forbes (Long Term Loan)Last person to use itNoScrapped2 June 2019 08:59:12
BBQ (Wart Hog)BBQ Wart HogDefunctYardThe universeLast person to use itNoScrapped2 June 2019 08:59:41
BellBellSystemsVirtual machine on landinLHSSysadmin teamYesNoGood working order4 June 2019 08:08:59
Blasting CabinetBlasting CabinetCageLondon HackspaceNoNoGood working order12 August 2020 08:53:52
Boxford CNC Induction19 November 2017 18:38:01
BrazierBrazierGeneralYardLast person to use it to clean and empty waste coalsYesGood working order4 May 2015 07:43:19
Brazing hearthFlamefast brazing hearthMetalworkingCageLHSSci, Andy PeckhamYesNoUnder construction2 June 2019 08:43:26
BrewbotBrewbotBrewingGimp ClosetDetDetNoNoGood working order18 November 2013 12:08:45
BridgePort InteractArchive:Bridgeport Interact CNC MillDefunctBasement,Dean and MattCNC Team,YesYesReturned to owner21 January 2019 11:49:56
Bridgeport Interact CNC MillArchive:Bridgeport Interact CNC MillBasement machine tool areaDean ForbesYesUnder construction25 July 2016 10:41:43
Bridgeport MillBridgeport MillMetalworkingGround Floor, Metalworking ShopLHSMachine Shop Team, Liam, Tim and DeanYesYesGood working order20 August 2019 18:39:42
BruceBruceDefunctBasement RackLHSSysadmin teamYesNoScrapped2 June 2019 08:55:48
Centra CL3RRefrigerated CentrifugeGroup:BiohackingBasement, Biohacking labBiohackersYesNoGood working order23 August 2015 20:34:44
Charnwood table sawCharnwood 8" table sawDefunctWoodshopAndy TidmanYesSold2 June 2019 08:46:23
Clarke Metalworker 8" Bench GrinderClarke 8" Bench GrinderMetalworkingMetalshopNoUnknown2 January 2016 17:49:25
Clarke Strong-Arm 12 ton pipe benderClarke Strong-Arm 12 ton pipe benderMetalworkingGeneral WorkshopCalum MillbankNoUnknown2 June 2019 08:44:10
CNC Spindle ChillerCNC Spindle ChillerBasement, CNC areaAndy TidmanCNC Team,NoUnder construction2 January 2017 14:46:01
CNC Table VacuumCNC Table VacuumDefunctBasementDean ForbesCNC CrewNoUnder construction21 January 2019 11:52:24
CrayCraySystems1st FloorLHSRobotics groupNoNoGood working order16 October 2018 09:05:13
Crimp pliersCrimp pliersHand toolsOn component racks near the front doorRussNoGood working order16 December 2013 19:06:52
CrumpCrumpSystemsInside Lulzbot 2LHSSysadmin teamYesYesGood working order4 March 2020 11:17:03
Cytringan arc welderCytringan arc welderDefunctAWOLNoReturned to Owner21 January 2019 12:06:43
DAC PhoneDAC PhoneBack Gate FenceUser:PaulUser:PaulNoNoGood working order12 January 2016 22:51:26
Design Jet 500Design Jet 500NoNoRemoved21 December 2016 15:20:10
DeVere504De Vere 504 EnlargerGroup:DarkroomGroup:DarkroomNoNoGood working order3 September 2017 09:20:23
DickinsonDickinsonSystems1st Floor, Do-not-disturb roomLHSSysadmin GroupNoNoGood working order28 February 2019 23:13:06
DMXLightsDMX LightsAudio/VisualGround floor on the bookshelf and behind Tesla.Jon RussellYesNoBeta31 October 2013 22:52:17
DucksDuckDebug toolsEverywhereLHSMike ChislettNoNoGood working order1 June 2019 20:10:49
DuctsArchive:DuctsGeneral1st Floor Comms RoomUnknownUnknown2 December 2019 18:02:00
DurstM605Durst M605 Color EnlargerGroup:DarkroomGroup:DarkroomUnknownNoNoGood working order28 November 2016 19:21:44
Electrophoresis Power SupplyElectrophoresis Power SupplyGroup:BiohackingBasement, Biohacking labBiohackersNoNoDisplay is faulty, blinks on/off intermittently, Power supply itself seems fine16 June 2015 17:38:35
ElectroporatorElectroporatorGroup:BiohackingBasement, Biohacking labBiohackersYesNoGood working order30 January 2015 07:45:13
Entry level CAD/CAM20 November 2017 19:19:03
Environmental ChamberEnvironmental ChamberPhysics'Murder Kitchen' next to PCB etch tankUnknownNoGood working order30 July 2019 16:57:57
Equipment/12inch Chester MultiformerMetal-formerMetalworkingNigleNoNoGood working order10 February 2016 16:43:06
Equipment/1F-Floorports1f-floorports1-2-3NetworkingFirst floor comms roomSysadmin teamNoGood working order23 November 2018 18:27:36
Equipment/1F-POE1F-POENetworkingFirst floor comms roomSysadmin teamNoGood working order23 November 2018 18:26:38
Equipment/3com13com1NetworkingQuiet Room rackSysadmin teamNoRetired21 November 2019 12:19:44
Equipment/AxminsterPlanerAxminster Planer ThicknesserDefunctWood workshopMatthew GillMatthew GillYesYesUnknown21 December 2015 22:44:23
Equipment/BabbageArchive:Equipment/BabbageSystemsScrappedLHSUnknownNoScrapped17 May 2019 15:26:15
Equipment/BandsawBandsawDefunctBasement, CNC areaUnknownNoOut of order21 January 2019 11:50:13
Equipment/BatteryWelderBattery WelderDefunctHeavenLHSJonRussellNoNoDead21 January 2019 12:24:57
Equipment/BBC AF signal generatorBBC sig-genTest equipmentGround Floor Electronics LabRussUnknownUnknown8 December 2019 18:22:12
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