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Model Raspberry Pi & Arduino
Sub-category Brewing
Status Good working order
Accessories 2x Onewire temp probes
Training requirement no
ACnode no
Owner Det
Location Gimp Closet
Maintainers Det

Brewbot is Raspberry Pi running Raspbian, with an Arduino and BrewPi shield for i/o to Onewire temp probes and some solid state relays.

Brewbot's job is to monitor the temperature of our beer fermenting in the gimp closet. It can also control the temperature via switching of some solid state relays to turn on and off heaters and chillers, but we've yet to hook any up.

Brewbot also provides pretty graphs and what not via HTTP. It's currently htaccessed off as there's no read only mode. See Det if you want the login.

Externally accessible via and locally on (

Example pretty graph: Brewpi-graph.png