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Model Unknown
Sub-category Kitchen
Status Good working order
Last updated 26 November 2018 13:07:43
Consumables Unknown
Accessories Unknown
Training requirement no
Training link Unknown
ACnode no
Owner Unknown
Origin Unknown
Location 1st floor, kitchen
The control panel of the microwave

Starting point/inspiration:

< _Nin-lil-izi> I sent it with the origal instructions (in mint condition) and accessories it came with
< _Nin-lil-izi> ai... you have to select the power... press start... then the time... press start again
< _Nin-lil-izi> Actually.... I think its very top button..... displays starts on '100' ... you press start....... turn nob to indicate time .... press start
<@Montyphy> I think the second to top button selects a pre-set or mode of some kind with choices like "A-1"
<@Montyphy> I'm not there but there are four buttons and a dial with the start button being the second from bottom and I believe the bottom one being cancel

Microwave is working fine, but no warranty given or implied on food vs. weird stuff in there.