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Belt & Disc Sander (Axminster)
Axminster Belt & Disc Sander.jpg
Model AS612E
Sub-category Defunct
Status Defunct
Last updated 15 May 2023 07:34:24
Consumables Sanding discs, sanding belts
Training requirement no
ACnode no
Location Wood shop
Maintainers Woodshop team

This sander was returned to its original owners at SLMS following our exit from Ujima house. The following is the page content before this happened:

The wood shop has a large freestanding belt and disc sander. Very useful for all kinds of smoothing and shaping work in wood.

No training requirement, but please seek advice from other woodshop users if you are unfamiliar with its use

If the belts or discs are showing signs of tearing or excessive clogging notify the mailing list and the maintainers will fit new ones.

No metal - the bench grinder and linishing belt in the cage can be used for metal


You must allow the sander to come up to speed fully before using it to sand any material.

You must only apply light pressure when applying your material to the sanding discs equivalent to “finger tight”.


Manual for the JET JSC-6DC with parts diagram—identical to our Axminster AS612E apart from branding.

  • 2022-06-21 Padski freed the motor end-cap from the rotor bearing with repeated & firm strikes of the sanding disc end of the rotor shaft head-on with a wooden mallet. Tip for next time: remove the belt and wiggle the disc-end end-cap loose to a gap after undoing the four bolts, but there's no need to loosen the belt-end end-cap—consider the inertia of the disc-end end-cap when striking the shaft. Cleaned the centrifugal switch contacts, although the plastic triangular wedge was also incorrectly seated. See also: Discord logs from a failed attempt to open it by Liyang on 2022-06-19.