Bandsaw - Miniature (Lumberjack BS200)

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Bandsaw - Miniature (Lumberjack BS200)
Lumberjack BS200 Bandsaw.jpg
Model Lumberjack BS200
Sub-category Woodworking
Status Good working order
Last updated 17 March 2022 09:44:18
Training requirement no
ACnode no
Origin Donation from Richard Painting
Location Wood shop
Maintainers Woodshop team

A small bandsaw for making straight or curved cuts in wood or plastic materials

This is a small bandsaw fitted with a thin 1/4" blade. It is a good option for curve cutting in thicker material than the scroll saw can handle but where the curves required are tighter than the large bandsaw can handle Also useful for straight cuts in thin or delicate material where the larger machine would be unsuitable

It is not well suited to cutting thick material, please ask for training on the large bandsaw if you need to process thicker stock