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Equipment/Farnell TSV70

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Farnell Power Supply
Model TSV70
Sub-category Test equipment
Status Good working order
Last updated 14 February 2018 19:06:35
Accessories no (needs leads)
Training requirement no
ACnode no
Origin Artag
Location Ground Floor, Electronics area
Maintainers Artag


A solid linear british-made Farnell power supply for more demanding jobs.

Two ranges - 30V 10A and 70V 5A.

Note that changing the range switch not only doubles / halves the output voltage, it also changes the meter scale. So it's fairly easy to mis-read it as 25V when it's actually putting out 50V etc. Be careful, or you may fry your circuit sooner than you intended.



artag has taken away to fix


Please report any problems to artag ESPECIALLY if you think it broke while you were using it - I'm interested to fix (or at least be aware of) any fragility in it.


  • Soak test



  • Side panels were sourced cut-to-size from ebay seller sgs132 for about £13 total. These are stainless, aluminium woud have been a couple of pounds cheaper.