Bobbin Sander

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Bobbin Sander
Bobbin Sander.jpg
Model Axminster Craft AC140OSS Bobbin Sander
Sub-category Woodworking
Status Good working order
Last updated 24 June 2024 14:06:54
Training requirement no
ACnode no
Location Wood shop
Maintainers Woodshop team

An oscillating bobbin sander used for smoothing and shaping, mostly of concave surfaces

Axminster Craft AC140OSS Bobbin Sander

A variety of drums are kept next to the sander, for best results select the largest size that will fit within the curve you are sanding


Risk Assessment - Electric Wood Sanders

This risk assessment is intended to provide guidance on the risk associated with the above equipment and activities in normal use. Please also check general risk assessments for the space as a whole. Any discrepancies, errors or concerns should be raised with the document maintainers or trustees - do not edit this assessment directly. For responsible persons and last update, see 'version log' of the assessment page.


Sanding wood or plastic on electric sanders


Understanding Risk Rating

LOW - Ensure current control measures are in place and continue with activity

MED - Control measures may be adequate, co-supervision is recommended

HIGH - Do not undertake activity without further consultation with area specialists

Risk Assessment

Identify Hazards Who May be Harmed and How Severity Control Measures Likelihood Risk Rating
Incompetent user User, Bystander HIGH Users must be inducted to use this tool. Members must challenge use that they believe is dangerous. Users should read the user manual where applicable. Users must read the risk assessment before using a tool. LOW MED
Contact with sanding medium User MED Use guards as per instruction manual. Do not put hands into exclusion zone. Sander should be switched off immediately after use. LOW LOW
Drawing in (being pulled into the sander) User HIGH User should not wear gloves, ties, scarves, or other long flowy clothing that could get pulled into the machine. Do not put hands into exclusion zone. Do not lean over machine LOW MED
Dust (inhalation, fire, explosion) User, bystander LOW Stationary sanders should be used with the dust extractor attached and working. Maintenance must include the cleaning of dust from within the machine housing. A respirator or mask should be used whilst operating this tool for prolonged periods LOW LOW
Noise User, bystander LOW Ear protection is advised. User to give audible warning (EARS, GOING LOUD) before switching on LOW LOW
Flying splinters User, bystander LOW Eye protection must be worn whilst using the table saw Eye protection must be worn by all users of the workshop. Do not sand small pieces LOW LOW