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Hackspace Unknown.png
Model Raspberry Pi 2
Sub-category Systems
Status Good working order
Last updated 28 November 2018 01:20:53
Consumables Unknown
Accessories Unknown
Training requirement Unknown
Training link Unknown
ACnode No
Owner LHS
Origin Yvanj
Location Doorbot enclosure, 1st Floor comms room

Hamming is a Raspberry Pi 2. Hamming was named after Richard Hamming who invented the Hamming Code, the Hamming window, Hamming numbers, sphere-packing (or Hamming bound), and the Hamming distance.

It used to run a the daemons for the Notification Board.

At 447 Hackney Road, Hamming previously ran the Orange LED Strip Moving Sign and National Rail clock connected via a powered USB hub. The Raspberry Pi 2 hardware was kindly donated by User:Yvanj

It now runs voice announcers and doorbell in the 1st Floor at Ujima House.