Orange led strips

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These were used for the Halo 4 launch UFO thing and were donated to the space afterwards.

They take 24V and come in multiples of 6 leds (the strips can be cut up).

30 of the 6 led units takes 0.52A so roughly 0.02A per 6 led unit.

Each 6 led unit is 5cm long.

So roughly 0.33A per meter.

We've got 31 Strips left with an average length of roughly 1.5m so 43m in total.

We have approx 30.5m left. We only need 7 characters for "EMFCAMP" so might be ok?

For 9 14 segment displays we need roughly 33.3 meters of strips.

7 * 14 == 98, or 13 8 outputs uln2803 + 4094. not sure if we can do the length without the clock signals getting mangled?

I've put the strips in a box with a do not hack label - if there is no progress on the 14 segment display project after a month or so they can go back to being general access.