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3-in-1 Sheetmetal Machine (12" Chester Multiformer)
Model Chester 12"
Sub-category Defunct
Status Defunct
Last updated 14 December 2022 08:41:51
Training requirement no
ACnode no
Owner Nigle
Location Metalworking shop
Maintainers Metalshop team

This bender was found to be not working during the Ujima house move, and since we already have the much more functional large bender we decided to scrap it.

Below are the contents of this page before its removal:


A 12" multiformer. This tool can slice mild steel sheet, bend steel sheet into curves and make 90degree bends. The manual calls it a shear, brake and roll machine.

Still owned in the space but in storage behind the laser cutter, the 600mm 3-in-1 Sheetmetal Machine that has since been acquired is a more capable machine and this is kept as a spare

No training requirement, but please seek advice from other metalshop users if you are unfamiliar with its use

February 2016, the rollers fall out so its only good for 90 degree bends and shear work. File:Multiformer manual 3-1N-1 305MM.pdf

This tool is on loan from Nigle.

It is a relatively cheap Chinese import, supplied by Chester UK.

This machine is only for use with relatively soft metal sheet, PCB material or maybe cutting thin flexible plastic sheet. As a rule of thumb, if your metal isn't slightly flexible in your hands it is too hard for this machine.

We broke the original machine by being rough with it while trying to cut a hard metal plate.

Specification & documentation

Model 12" Bed Width 305mm Shearing Thickness (Steel) 0.6mm Bending Thickness 1mm Bending Angle 90 deg Rolling Thickness 1mm Min. Rolling Diameter 39mm Net Weight 45Kg

Usage instruction

The instruction manual and the label on the back says it can shear 1mm thick mild steel plate, however the suppliers webpage says 0.6mm maximum. This seems like a hint that 1mm thick plate is pushing it.

The original machine was sucessfully used to cut 0.8mm mild steel sheet and put 90degree bends in it to make a lid for a vectorscope.

This machine is heavier than it looks. You could break your toes and the machine if you drop it. You could cut or pinch your fingers if you stick them in it.

It should be have a label saying WARNING THIS IS SURPRINGLY HEAVY on it.

It should be bolted down to a base.