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Drill press
Axminster ED16SB.jpg
Model Axminster ED16SB
Sub-category Woodworking
Status Faulty
Last updated 2 January 2016 19:27:43
Consumables oil, cutting fluid,drive belt
Accessories Unknown
Training requirement No
Training link Unknown
ACnode No
Owner LHS
Origin Unknown
Location Woodshop
Maintainers sjrapid


Works, but is not very precise!

9 Aug 2013 - sjrapid and will took the arbour and chuck off, and tested the quill run out with a dial indicator.

Quill runout is approximately 0.2mm (should be <=0.02mm, 1thou) ). Runout at the chuck can be anything up to 10x this depending on selected speed and cutting bit. Your holes may be oval!

Here's the dial-indicator test video:

Drill press precision

There is a pledge running to get a new Drill Press for the space.

The space has an Axminster drill press. The keyless chuck only goes down to 2.7 mm, so for anything smaller you need a "pin chuck".

Or you can use the Dremel and mini-mill for high speed / light duty / precision stuff. Ideal jobs :


  • High speed, tiny bits e.g. PCB drilling


  • Milling plastic, small aluminium etc.
  • Drilling jobs requiring accurate positioning - use the table positioning

Drill Press

  • Most general purpose drilling jobs



The Hackspace drill press, from the front
The Hackspace drill press, from the side
The Hackspace drill press, from the other side


  1. <lovelace_> The chuck for the new stand drill falls out easily
  2. <lovelace_> I can't see how it tightens up
  3. <artag> it should be a taper. Assuming it's clean (not got anticorrosion varnish on it) then it should want a good fast whack up into the quill. Not with a hammer - just push it fast, by hand. Use the momentmum of the chuck to get it in hard.
  4. <artag> if there's a screw thread in the end of the taper thrn it can use a drawbar like the 3-in-1 but that's fairly unlikely
  5. <lovelace_> K, seems firmly in now
  6. 9 Aug 2013 - sjrapid and will took the arbour and chuck off, and tested the quill run out under no load with a dial indicator. Also tested with a new certified chuck and arbour (0.0012 TIR). Measured run out of about 0.25mm on the new chuck. TIR not measured on the existing keyless chuck.