Denford CNC 2600

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Denford CNC
Model 2600 pro
Sub-category CNC
Status View tool status
Last updated 17 September 2022 12:50:55
Training requirement yes
Training link cnc_denford_2600_training
ACnode not yet
Owner LHS
Origin Donation
Location Ground Floor, Woodshop
Maintainers Jonathan

Next steps
  • Install MESA
  • Configure Linuxcnc

    • dust extraction

There is a hole at the top rear left of the cabinet which may be used for dust extraction - either a separate unit or a connection to the shop extractor. However, the cutting dust tends to lie around the cutter so some means to move it to the extraction is required. Possibilities are throwing it into the air and then extracting the air, or sucking directly at the cutting tip. There is a small air pump in the cabinet whose output is taken to a connector under the gantry parking position. This may be used to disturb the air near the cutter, and a flexible hose to the extraction used to remove it. The hoses needed may get in the way : this requires some experiment. A dust shoe may be helpful but will hide the cutting point from view.

  • Prepare Inductions
  • AC Node
Training and induction s


  • This is in the woodshop and to be used on non metal materials only.
  • No liquid or mist coolant is to be used in the machine at all.
Obsolete manuals for reference
MESA 7i76

Mesa board outline

Adapter plate to fit Baldor mounts

7i76 adapter plate.svg

Adapter plate is 262x140 with cabinet mounting holes at 132x212, 20 from LHS and 30 from RHS
Mesa board to be at LHS of space. Note that Mesa board outline includes connector space

To do

  • Install Linuxcnc
  • Instal Nativecam (a component of linuxcnc) - gives conversational CNC capability
  • Create GITHUB Repository