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Equipment/BatteryWelderBattery WelderDefunctHeavenLHSJonRussellNoNoScrapped31 October 2021 17:36:22
Equipment/BBC AF signal generatorBBC sig-genTest equipmentGround Floor Electronics LabRussUnknownUnknown8 December 2019 18:22:12
Equipment/Belt SanderBelt sanderDefunctWoodshopUnknownUnknownNoAWOL21 January 2019 11:57:07
Equipment/BenchSanderBench Sander (disk and belt)DefunctWoodshopLHSNoNOUnknown21 January 2019 12:02:36
Equipment/Bird 43 Watt MeterEquipment/Bird 43 Watt MeterGroup:Amateur RadioRadio ClubRadio ClubYesNoGood working order21 March 2019 23:44:49
Equipment/BlantonBlantonSystemsBasement rackLHSSysadmin teamYesNoGood working order3 December 2021 01:09:37
Equipment/BoochEquipment/BoochDefunctQuiet room rackLHSSysadmin teamYesNoMissing24 May 2021 21:59:48
Equipment/BooleEquipment/BooleDefunctFirst floor comms roomLHSSysadmin teamYesNoFaulty24 May 2021 22:02:09
Equipment/BorgArchive:Equipment/BorgDefunctBasement rackHackspaceOniYesNoScrapped24 May 2021 22:02:24
Equipment/Bosch circular sawBosch Circular SawDefunctBasement, Dusty Wood ShopUnknownNoNoNo longer with us21 January 2019 11:57:53
Equipment/Bosch skt5102 dishwasherDishwasherDefunctGround Floor, room behind the kitchenUnknownNoNoScrapped?2 June 2019 08:51:09
Equipment/Boxford CNC MillEquipment/CNC MillDefunctBasement, CNC areaDean Forbes=CNC Team, MetalbashersYesYesReturned to owner21 January 2019 11:52:40
Equipment/BreadmakerBread-makerDefunctUnknownScrapped4 June 2019 08:02:39
Equipment/Britannia LatheBritannia latheDefunctBasement, main workshop areaUnknownOliverYesNoScrapped15 August 2015 20:59:41
Equipment/Bus PirateBus pirateTest equipmentGround floor, electronics benchUnknownGood working order29 May 2013 15:49:21
Equipment/CactusFarmCactus FarmDefunctHub in the quiet roomJasperWJasperWNoNoScrapped24 May 2021 21:51:46
Equipment/Caltek PSD30-3BCaltek bench power supplyElectronicsGround floor, electronics benchUnknownNoNoGood working order29 May 2013 15:53:27
Equipment/CeilingScreenCeiling-mount projector screenDefunctUnknown24 May 2021 22:16:15
Equipment/ChurchEquipment/ChurchSystemsDigitalOcean Data CentreLHSThe TrusteesYesNoGood working order23 November 2018 18:20:35
Equipment/Cisco14948 Switch (B)DefunctBasement rackSysadmin teamNoScrapped24 May 2021 22:08:44
Equipment/Cisco24948 Switch (A)DefunctGround floor, quiet room cabinetSysadmin teamNoScrapped24 May 2021 22:09:09
Equipment/Clarke Dust ExtractorClarke Dust ExtractorWoodworkingWoodshopMatthewaspinallNoNoGood working order29 January 2016 11:39:03
Equipment/Colchester Master LatheEquipment/Colchester Master LatheMetalworkingGround Floor, Metalworking ShopLHSMachine Shop Team Liam Tim and DeanYesYesAwaiting Training Plan29 October 2021 15:43:30
Equipment/ColinColinDefunctBasement rackSysadmin teamNoScrapped24 May 2021 22:09:24
Equipment/CompoundMitreSawEvolution Rage3 Compound Mitre SawWoodworkingWoodshopLHSNoNoOperational21 November 2019 23:59:49
Equipment/Custom vacuum formerVacuum formerDefunctBasement, workshopUnknownHipsterNoScrapped20 April 2016 10:04:14
Equipment/Cutting TableFabric cutting tableCraftsArts/crafts areaUnknownGood working order18 June 2014 14:37:55
Equipment/Dahlgren Wizzard 2000 STPCB Mill/Micro CNCDefunctBasement, Robotics/CNC areaLHSMartin pYesUnknown21 January 2019 11:53:01
Equipment/DenningEquipment/DenningSystemsGround floor, display areaLHSSysadmin teamYesNoGood working order8 December 2019 18:20:33
Equipment/DesolderingGunDe-soldering gunDefunctGone, Disappeared some time around moveUnknownNoUnknown21 January 2019 12:25:14
Equipment/Dewalt Table sawDewalt Table SawWoodworkingWoodshopHackspacePhil (cepmender), Simon HewisonYesNoMitre fence has been damaged by dropping, and cannot be used10 August 2021 19:26:48
Equipment/Donkey SawDonkey sawMetalworkingGround Floor, Metal WorkshopLondon HackspaceYetifiascoNoGood working order4 June 2019 06:19:58
Equipment/DrillPressDrill pressDefuntWoodshopLHSSjrapidNoNoDisposed of23 March 2019 20:17:39
Equipment/Drying CabinetDrying CabinetCNCBrewing KitchenLHSNoNoGood working order2 June 2019 19:25:56
Equipment/Epson EMP-X3Epson EMP-X3 video projectorDefunctUnknown24 May 2021 22:16:29
Equipment/FabScanFabScan 3D scannerDefunctBasement, on the shelf facing the members boxesUnknownScrapped24 May 2021 21:57:27
Equipment/Farnell TSV70Farnell Power SupplyTest equipmentGround Floor, Electronics areaArtagNoNoGood working order14 February 2018 19:06:35
Equipment/First aidFirst aid kitSafetyThroughout the HackspaceUnknownNo21 October 2021 19:03:35
Equipment/FlowersEquipment/FlowersDefunctGround floor central areaLHSSysadmin teamYesNoScrapped24 May 2021 22:02:37
Equipment/FoneraArchive:Equipment/FoneraDefunctQuiet roomLHSScrapped24 May 2021 22:03:02
Equipment/FormerCoreSwitchFormer Core SwitchNetworkingPile of switchesSysadmin teamNoGood working order24 May 2021 21:50:23
Equipment/Gaggia Coffee MachineGaggia Coffee MachineDefunctGround Floor, room behind the kitchenUnknownNoNoScrapped24 May 2021 21:53:30
Equipment/gf-coreswitchCoreswitchNetworkingThe rackSysadmin teamNoGood working order10 November 2019 17:09:51
Equipment/GoogleTVGoogleTVDefunctGround floor, general circulation areaUnknownNoScrapped2 June 2019 08:54:26
Equipment/Halfords pressure washerHalfords Pressure WasherCleaningIn the supplies cupboard, in the toilet next to the rear roller shuttersNoGood working order16 July 2014 15:15:43
Equipment/Hameg203Hameg 203-6 20MHz OsciliscopeTest equipmentUnder Electronics DesksLHSNaxxfishNoNoX-Y button sometimes sticks, so Y is plotted against Y. Otherwise works fine.11 April 2015 18:18:21
Equipment/HammingEquipment/HammingSystemsGround floor, middle roomLHSUnknownNoUnder construction21 October 2021 19:53:19
Equipment/Hantek 5102P DSOHantek 5102P Digital oscilloscopeTest equipmentGnd Floor Electronics LabHackspaceRequires Electronics Lab AccessNoGood working order12 September 2021 13:40:49
Equipment/High Vacuum StationHigh vacuum stationDefunctBasement, ante-room beside liftLHSSciYesRemoved2 May 2016 01:00:10
Equipment/HILO all-11p2Universal EEPROM programmerElectronicsGround foor, general circulation area, on the shelves next to the electronics benchUnknownNo4 June 2013 21:09:38