Jones-Shipman arbor press

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Jones-Shipman arbor press
2015-12-20 16.22.19.jpg
Model 8601-003
Sub-category Defunct
Status Defunct
Last updated 17 January 2022 11:58:47
Training requirement no
Owner Friend of Michael Trew
Origin Long term loan from Friend of Michael Trew
Location Metalshop

This press has not been seen in the space since at least mid-2021 so status was changed to defunct

Page Content Prior to Defunct Status

From mailing-list 09/02/2014;

"another friend with a workshop in Homerton who'd like to join the Hackspace would like to give us a broaching/arbor press as a long-term loan

it's similar to this one: and as it doesn't have a broach set would probably be most useful for push-fitting parts like bearings together"