Triton Thickness Planer

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Thickness Planer (Triton)
Triton Thickness Planer.jpg
Model Unknown
Sub-category Woodworking
Status Good working order
Last updated 8 August 2022 11:43:58
Training requirement no
ACnode no
Location Wood shop
Maintainers Woodshop team

A thickness planer used to get 2 surfaces of a board parallel and then reduce them to a controlled thickness

No training requirement, but please seek advice from other woodshop users if you are unfamiliar with its use

Often used in conjunction with the surface planer which makes the initial flat surface on one face of the board

The mechanism has a tendancy to jam if used without chip extraction, for which the portable portable dust extractor should be used

Do not attempt to plane end grain (e.g. glued up cutting board) in this machine, they are very likely to break and fire back out of the machine

Do not attempt to plane short workpieces (less than around 250mm long) - they will be unsupported by the feed rollers during the middle of the cut so will spin and jam inside the machine