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Lulzbot 1 (Hull)
Hackspace Unknown.png
Model Lulzbot Mini Standard Extruder
Sub-category CNC
Status Check the Tools Status Page
Last updated 21 February 2022 13:37:43
Consumables XT filament
Accessories Print removal knife
Training requirement yes
Training link
ACnode yes
Owner Hackspace
Origin Donation from Lulzbot
Location 3D printer area, Ground floor

Welshie, Aidas, Kunal

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Hull is a Lulzbot Mini Standard.
Accessible via http://hull from inside the hackspace network.


Only use the provided filament.

Hull will theoretically print the follow filaments:

  • PLA
  • ABS
  • XT
  • Nylon

Always use the correct slicing profile for the filament material you are using. Different filaments have different melting and burning points, so getting the wrong material type can end up with a scorched mess, or a failure to extrude with a strained extruder motor. Beware that ABS is alphabetically first on the drop-down but less likely to be used.

please contact the maintainers if you wish to use a filament that is not available.

There is no need to use Pritt Stick, or other adhesive, to get the print to adhere to the bed with rigid filament. Applying excessive Pritt Stick merely cakes the bed in gunk, making the first few layers of your print look messy and lumpy. If you find the bed like this, it can be cleaned off with a warm soapy sponge.

When changing filaments between different plastic types with different melting points, manually select the tool temperature to be the hotter of the two when flushing out the remains, or you will find that the lower temperature filament can't push through the remains of the filament that may be left in the hotend or nozzle.


Using the printers costs £1.50/hour of printing + 50p/meter of filament. Octoprint gives you both of these.


Training is required. There is a cost of £10 to be trained (waived if trained on the old printer), payable to the trainer.


All prints are to be logged via :