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Hi. I'm Simon.

Hackspace interests are nearly everything. I used to be a trustee.

Ask me about:

  • Door entry system
  • ACnodes
  • Hackspace infrastructure
  • Wired networking at the Hackspace
  • 3D printers
  • CCTV

Recent projects

  • Bee hives (BS National, 14x12 deep brood, hive stands, nucleus hive)
  • Portable 22kW Electric vehicle supply equipment
  • Apple Powermac G5 modernisation
  • Repair of consumer electronics - Apple iPhone, Garmin Satnav, Television sets.
  • Build of Prusa mk3+ 3d printer
  • Re-pinning of euro-cylinder locks
  • Home heating controls (reflashing of Sonoff 4CH Pro)
  • Various other Sonoff / Tasmota stuff

Hackspace members profile

Contact details

  • IRC : Welshie
  • Twitter: @zymurgic
  • Phone: ≈sqrt(2.006803156071858e23)