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My main interest at the space is woodworking. I became a member during the pandemic and have been an active member since. Other interest include 3D printing, CAD design, repairing electronics and many more.

I am a maintainer for table saws, band saw and 3D printers. Feel free to contact me about training, advice or report issues with any of the equipment.

Recent Projects

  • Spice rack - Design complete, will start working on it next
  • Jewelry/storage box - almost complete, still need to make inserts.
    Simple wooden gift box made out of oak and panga panga. Started with rough sawn timber
  • Chess and backgammon - build gallery available here
    Chess and backgammon board made out of beech, mahogany (most likely, not sure exactly) and tiny bit of meranti for pink triangles). Everything done with tools available at the space

Contact Details

My email address is available on hackspace member profile page.

Discord: Echo#1193