Wood Lathe (Nova DVR XP)

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Wood Lathe (Nova DVR XP)
Wood Lathe (Nova).jpg
Model Nova DVR XP
Sub-category Woodworking
Status Good working order
Last updated 7 March 2022 13:56:26
Training requirement yes
ACnode yes
Origin Pledge
Location Wood shop
Maintainers Jonathan Hodgson

A wood lathe for turning and shaping all kinds of round things in wood or similar materials

Purchased for the space via pledge in February 2022, superseding the old Myford lathe

This is a lathe with a swivel head that will allow us to turn 16 inch pieces over the bed and 28 inches bowls with the outrigger. It has a 2.3hp motor and sophisticated drive electronics which make it not only more convenient (fullly variable speed control and reverse for sanding) but also smoother and safer (it will stop the spindle if it detects a chisel dig in).

Training is required