Wood Lathe

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Wood Lathe (Myford)
Myford ML8 Dec2015.jpg
Model Myford ML8
Sub-category Defunct
Status Defunct
Last updated 7 March 2022 14:04:46
Consumables Belt
Accessories Sanding disc
Training requirement yes
ACnode yes
Owner Hackspace
Origin Donation from Gausie (if it is ever being thrown away please get in contact - sam@gaus.co.uk)[New head stock bought on a SMEE Auction for 5 quid donated by deanforbes]
Location Wood shop

Jonathan Hodgson

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This lathe was removed from the space in February 2022 to make way for the new Wood Lathe (Nova DVR XP)

Below is the contents of this page before the status was changed:

Bought in 1952 by my great-grandfather in Dublin and shipped in pillowcases as he emmigrated. Delivered to the space with all of its manuals still in tact.

Here is a webpage with a bit of information about the ML8 wood lathe: http://www.lathes.co.uk/myfordwood/

ML8 lathe specs

Spindle height above the bed allows for smaller diameter turning, about 8" max. This is good for most spindle work and small bowls. Larger bowls are meant to be worked on the outboard side, using faceplates.

Right-hand / Inboard spindle

  • No. 1 Morse taper (MT1)
  • 1" x 12 t.p.i on the right-hand spindle
  • Two prong drive centre (damaged) currently fitted

Left-hand / Outboard spindle

  • 7/8" x 12 t.p.i on the left-hand spindle

Tail stock

  • No. 1 Morse taper (MT1)
  • Live centre currently fitted


  • 1425 rpm motor (probably 0.5 hp) with 4 speeds - 700, 1140, 1780 and 2850 rpm

Hackspace owned lathe accessories (stored in plastic tub under lathe):

  • 2 prong MT1 drive centre - damaged
  • Live centre for the tailstock
  • Various original faceplates for both the right and left hand spindles

Now owned by Hackspace (stored in lathe locker) / Purchsed from Melissa:

Supernova2 four jaw scroll chuck

  • 50mm jaws (currently fitted)
  • Insert for the right hand spindle only (currently fitted, do not remove)
  • Chuck key
  • Woodworm screw (RH variant)
  • Chuck wrench

Set of 5 Crown lathe chisels:

  • Spindle gouge
  • Bowl gouge
  • Skew chisel
  • Spindle roughing gouge
  • Parting tool

Bench Grinder for sharpening tools:
Bought from The Tool Post website via pledge.

  • Record power bench grinder with two wheels.
  • 40mm 120 grit aluminium oxide white wheel for sharpening lathe chisels.
  • 20mm 60 grit carborundum wheel grey wheel - not used to sharpen lathe chisels.
  • O'Donnell grinding platform with three guides:
    * 60 degree guide for skew chisel
    * 90 degree guide (not currently used)
    * Diamond tipped dressing guide (broken, diamond chipped off)
  • 40mm diamond dressing tool (use this to dress the wheel when it's too dirty)
  • Grinder instruction booklet
  • Paper sheets for how to use the O'Donnell grinding platform and jigs with designated bevel angles for each chisel.

Only use the designated bevel angles for each chisel. This is for ease of use and to not waste metal on going back and forth between custom and standard bevels. If you want a custom bevel, buy your own tools.