Polishing Machine

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Polishing Machine (Modified Union Lathe)
Polishing Machine.jpg
Model Adapted from the headstock of a Union Graduate wood lathe
Sub-category Metalworking
Status Good working order
Last updated 4 May 2022 07:17:34
Training requirement no
ACnode no
Location Cage
Maintainers Metalshop team

A polishing/ buffing machine used for cleaning metal surfaces and bringing them to a high polish

Adapted from the headstock of an old union graduate wood lathe

A bag of mops and polishes is located on the back of the machine. Unfortunately none are labelled so trial an error have to be used to find the aggressiveness of each grade of compound. Personally I've found the large red block works well for roughing and the small green one good for fine polishing in brass

An M20 adaptor spindle has recently been made which allows a wire brush to be mounted to the machine, helpful in the initial stages of cleaning and prepping for painting. The polishing spindle can be easily re-inserted by changing the grub screws. Wear gloves and eye protection when using the wire brush as it will shed bristles during use