Meddings Pillar Drill

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Pillar Drill (Meddings)
Meddings Pillar Drill.jpg
Model uF5/FS
Sub-category Metalworking
Status Good working order
Last updated 20 January 2022 18:42:40
Training requirement no
ACnode no
Location Metalworking shop
Maintainers Metalshop team

A large floorstanding pillar drill with quite impressive drilling capcity

No training requirement, but please seek advice from other metalshop users if you are unfamiliar with its use

Always remove drill bits from the chuck and sweep away swarf after use

Generally for use on metal only, there are other pillar drills available in the woodshop for use on wood. An exception might be granted for extremely large holes where the extra power is required, but if this is done then sawdust must be throughly removed from this drill and all surrounding machines (TIG bench and donkey saw)