Propane + Air Torch (Flamefast T4)

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Torch, Air+Propane (Flamefast T4)
Flamefast Propane+Air Torch.jpg
Model Flamefast T4
Sub-category Metalworking
Status Good working order
Last updated 6 April 2022 07:10:17
Training requirement yes
ACnode no
Owner Torch owned by space, regulators on long term loan from Toby Molyneux (HS32098)
Location Metalworking shop
Maintainers Toby Molyneux

A large-scale torch intended primarily for brazing, but it can also be used for other heating tasks such as heat-treating or hot bending. This is a heavy-duty torch, the lighter Sievert torch gives better control on small jobs and also does not require training

The torch requires brief training before use and so is kept in the metalshop toolroom - please return it after use. Current trainer is Toby Molyneux (HS32098)

This torch works on a combination of propane gas and compressed air from the hackspace air compressor. Detailed instructions for safe setup will be given during training. The ideal pressure on the air regulator is about 0.8 bar although this should be adjusted to suit.

Although it produces a very large volume of heat this torch will not reach as high a temperature as oxy-acetylene so cannot be used for gas welding. Because it uses air rather than pure oxygen as a mixer gas it cannot be used for oxyfuel cutting.

This torch was salvaged from the hackspace's old broken brazing hearth. It has been adapted to run on on bottled propane and air from the compressor tank using some regulators belonging to Toby Molyneux. He will occasionally need to borrow these back for use on other appliances - if needed he would be happy to buy and configure some more if the hackspace wanted a set of its own