Router Table

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Router Table
PXL 20220405 224357272.MP.jpg
Sub-category Woodworking
Status Good working order
Last updated 6 May 2022 11:04:42
Training requirement no
ACnode no
Origin Built in Space
Location Woodshop

Aidas, Jonathan Hodgson

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A router table useful for a variety of shaping and profiling tasks in wood.

The table was constructed by Hackspace members using several commercially available key components, including

The router has a 1/2" collet and should ideally be used with 1/2" cutters. A reducing bush (soon to be replaced by dedicated 1/4" collet) are available which can be used to hold 1/4" cutters, although lighter cuts must be taken

This router was purchased specifically for use with the table and should not be removed for use freehand unless there is a specific reason to do so (there are many other handheld routers available which can be used freehand)

It is highly advised to seek advise from the maintainers before first using the tool. Always consider cutting direction to avoid climb cuts.

A range of additional jigs e.g. a box joint jig are available for use

Please take care to not lose the starting pin

Add safety videos