Startrite Bandsaw

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Bandsaw (Startrite)
Startrite Bandsaw.jpg
Model 352
Sub-category Defunct
Status Defunct
Last updated 7 March 2022 14:03:16
Training requirement yes
ACnode yes
Location Wood shop
Maintainers Woodshop team

This bandsaw was removed from the space in February 2022 to make way for the Bandsaw (iTech)

Below is the contents of this page before the status was changed:

A large floorstanding bandsaw for straight or curved cutting in wood

As of Jan 2022 this machine is waiting on a new blade and blade guard assembly so is currently out of action

Users should note that this machine is currently fitted with a less powerful motor than the machine was originally designed for, as such its cuttting capacity is much lower than its size would suggest - a limit of 40mm thickness is recommended