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Equipment/HP3488A Electronic Switch Unit

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HP3488A Electronic Switch Unit
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Model HP3488A
Sub-category Test equipment
Last updated 29 May 2013 16:55:37
Consumables Unknown
Accessories Unknown
Training link Unknown
Owner User:dirkx
Origin Unknown

The electronics area currently has a HP3488A Electronic Switch Unit with GPIB on loan (User:dirkx) with the following cards:

    • HP44471A General Purpose Relais card (slot 1,2) (on loan, User:dirkx)
    • HP44474A Digital IO card (slot 3, 4) (on loan, User:dirkx)
    • HP44473A Matrix Switrch card (slot 5) (on loan, User:dirkx)

Most of above card come both with a screw-terminal and D connector breakout. You generally want to use the D connectors - a large pile of spares are in the drawers on your right.

Documentation can be found [here] and [here] (though the latter depends on the firmware key).

You can use this unit in many ways. First it is basically is a robust relay/IO system (and as you can verify a relay setting; it won't lose them across powercuts and is autonomous from the PC/laptop controlling - it is generally more suitable for controlling the more dangerous things - such as a climate chamber left on overnight). Secondly - as it understands GPIB one can use the matrix or the relay cards to measure many values in quick succession - with the HP3488A going to the next value on completion of the metering (as it follows the action on the GPIB bus).

See h chapter 4 for inspiration.

If someone is interested in linking Dirk's unit to other GPIB equipment to make additional measurements, let me know - I have some devices such as DACs, ADCs, switches and various bits of test gear I can lend. --Artag 18:36, 7 April 2011 (UTC)