Blasting Cabinet

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Blasting Cabinet
Hackspace Unknown.png
Status Good working order
Last updated 12 August 2020 08:53:52
Training requirement no
ACnode no
Owner London Hackspace
Location Cage
  • Disinfect inside of protective gloves before use and wash your hands before use. You don't know whose hands have been in there
  • Apply power.
  • Switch light on (top right) so that you can see what you're doing
  • Unlatch front panel
  • Insert work piece
  • Latch front panel.
  • Connect to compressor (in the main metalwork workshop)
  • Little tool just blows air
  • Big tool blows air and sand. Foot switch activates.
  • Try not to blast the protective gloves, they will wear out quicker if you do, and you don't want to be the person to find out they're no longer offering protection.
  • Disconnect power
  • Disconnect air line

When disconnecting airline tools under pressure, you can expect them to pop. Be prepared for the connectors to come apart with gusto and whip you. To make this disconnection much safer, you can pull the red pressure release handle on the right hand side of the compressor before disconnecting.

  • Tidy air line.
  • Wait for all the sand dust to settle in the cabinet before opening. Don't inhale this stuff.
  • Remove work piece and admire it's rust-free state.
  • Disinfect inside of protective gloves after use. We don't know where your hands have been.
  • Now wash your hands