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De Vere 504 Enlarger
Model De Vere 504 with Ilford Multigrade head
Sub-category Darkroom
Status Good working order
Last updated 3 September 2017 09:20:23
Training requirement no
ACnode no
Owner Emmet Green
Origin Long term loan
Location Darkroom
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Download the manual (PDF)

Choosing film format

TBC - how to use the right mixing box & lens?


Needs 2x 120V 300W lightbulbs - these are specialist lightbulbs even though they look similar to normal ones.

Available to buy from:

Both lightbulbs need to be installed and working for the enlarger to produce the correct colour for your multigrade paper. To check if both bulbs work:

  1. Set grade to 0, press expose, you should see the image with a blue-ish tint
  2. Set grade to 5, press expose, you should see the image with a strong magenta tint

Instructions for replacing the lightbulbs are in the manual.