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HP Color LaserJet 4700
Model HP Color LaserJet4700
Sub-category Office equipment
Status Good working order
Last updated 31 January 2022 08:51:38
Consumables Toner
Accessories Unknown
Training requirement No
Training link Unknown
ACnode No
Owner Unknown
Origin Unknown
Location Ground floor, main area, next to members shelving

HP Color Laserjet 4700n

New for 2019: HP Color LaserJet 4700n

The Hackspace's current office / general use printer is a HP Color LaserJet 4700n. It lives next to Tesla on the reception desk. Please treat with care.

  • Current IP address for the LaserJet 4700n is:
  • How to connect: Use IP address.
  • Protocol: Select HP JetDirect Socket (if available). This lets you set most if not all of the printer features.
  • Other Protocol options (less full featured): AirPrint (for iOS devices) and IPP for everything else. LPD is ancient and best avoided.

Cost per A4 page:

  • 5p Mono (Black & white)
  • 10p Colour

Pay by putting coins into the kitty / charity chugger menace weapon (gives +3 pester power) hanging next to it.


Toner Cartridges

Genuine HP toner cartridges are somewhat expensive, so use "remanufactured" ones instead. heres some on Amazon that have been proven to work. The printer will complain about non-genuine toner, but prints as normal.

Maintenance History

  • 16/03/2019 - Replaced Magenta and Cyan Cartridges (Marrold)