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Scrolling LED Ticker Message Boards
Hackspace Unknown.png
Model Unknown
Sub-category Audio/Visual
Status Good working order
Last updated 22 March 2019 12:37:25
Consumables Unknown
Accessories Unknown
Training requirement No
Training link Unknown
Owner Unknown
Origin Unknown

What it is

Scrolling LED ticker message boards. There's one upstairs on the wall in the quiet space and another one downstairs.

They are connected to ?Pi? boards and are controlled through the Hackspace IRC channel. Amazing hacker xxx and xxx set them up.

How to send a message to the LED ticker boards

  • Connect to the #london-hack-space IRC channel
  • Type your message in the following format: ?board [your message]

Example: if my name on IRC is RedTomato and in the #london-hack-space IRC channel I type:

?board Do not be on fire

The Hackspace boards will display in scrolling mode:
RedTomato Do not be on fire