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Bird 43 Watt Meter
Bird 43 wattmeter.jpg
Model 43
Sub-category Group:Amateur Radio
Status Good working order
Consumables None
Accessories Inserts (Slugs)
Training requirement Yes
Training link Must hold an Amateur Radio license or be otherwise be proficient with RF
ACnode no
Owner Radio Club
Origin Donation
Maintainers Radio Club


This item was kindly donated to the club by another radio Amateur.


We have the following accessories for use with the Bird Watt Meter:


Inserts or "slugs" are inserted into the hole in the front of the meter. A signal is then passed through the meter via the two N-Type connectors. The source of the signal should be connected to the left hand connector, and the right hand connector must be attached to a suitable dummy load or antenna. In normal operation (Forward Power) the arrow on the insert should face to the right, however its possible to twist the insert so the arrow is facing to the left to measure reflected power. SWR can then be calculated from the two values if required.

You should always use the appropriate insert for the power and frequency you are using. If you are unsure on the power output, start with the highest rated insert for the frequency and then switch to a more appropriate value.

Model Number Frequency Power Rating Usage
5C 100 - 250 Mhz 5W Measuring VHF signals up to 5W
100C 100 - 250 Mhz 100W Measuring VHF signals up to 100W
10D 200 - 500 Mhz 10W Measuring VHF/UHF signals up to 10W
100H 2-30 Mhz 100W Measuring HF signals up to 100W
250H 2-30 Mhz 250W Measuring HF signals up to 250W

Signal Samplers

The adjustable signal samplers allow you to tap into an RF signal allowing you to analyse the signal whilst operating. The attenuation of the sample signal can be adjusted.

Model Number Frequency Power Rating Attenuation Usage
4275 20 - 1000 Mhz 1000 W 35 to 80 dB Tapping into VHF/UHF signals up to 1000 W
4273 1.5 - 35 Mhz 5000 W -40 to 70 dB Tapping into HF signals up to 5000 W