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Kiln (Carbolite)
Carbolite Kiln.jpg
Sub-category Defunct
Status Defunct
Last updated 14 December 2022 08:44:06
Training requirement no
ACnode no
Owner Dean
Origin Michael, Dean
Location Cage
Maintainers Machine Shop Team

This kiln was taken away by Dean Forbes in Dec 2022

Below are the contents of this page before its removal:

  • *out of order - electrically dangerous*

A metalworking kiln with various applications in heat-treating, light forging or casting of metals

No training requirement, but please seek advice from other metalshop users if you are unfamiliar with its use

This one is the larger of hackspace's two kilns so can heat bigger workpieces, but doesn't have as high a maximum temperature as the QMUL kiln

It also has a much simpler control system compared to the QMUL

Not suitable for ceramics