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Electrophoresis Power Supply

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Electrophoresis Power Supply
DSC 0118.JPG
Model Bromma LKB 2301 Macrodrive 1
Sub-category Biohacking
Status Display is faulty, blinks on/off intermittently, Power supply itself seems fine
Last updated 16 June 2015 17:38:35
Accessories Electrophoresis Gel Boxes
Training requirement no
ACnode no
Location Basement, Biohacking lab
Maintainers Biohackers

Bromma LKB 2301 Macrodrive 1 Power Supply

This power supply seems to have a problem with the display going blank, though the power remains on.

The manual was supplied by the Museum of the National Institute of Health. yes. that's right, this equipment is an antique. (

File:Macrodrive 1 Power Supply 2301.pdf

We have a number electrophoresis gel boxes donated from UCL and elsewhere.


We have also made our own gel box.