Casting Furnace (Vevor M.MF.02000)

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Casting Furnace (Vevor M.MF.02000)
Casting Furnace (Vevor M.MF.02000).jpg
Sub-category Metalworking
Status Out of Order
Last updated 1 September 2022 08:52:24
Training requirement yes
ACnode no
Origin Pledge
Location Metalworking shop (Use only in cage)
Maintainers Toby Molyneux

An electric furnace used for melting metal for casting

NOTE - It is currently broken, after burning out its heating element. It needs a re-wind which should be relatively simple to do but requires time

This electric kiln has a smaller capacity than the propane furnace and has a lower maximum temperature which limits it to aluminium, copper alloys and precious metals. It's key advantages are:

  • Easier to learn to operate
  • More precise temperature control
  • No exposed flames
  • Cheaper running costs and crucibles

The furnace will be stored indoors when not in use (location tbc) but must be bought outside to the cage to be operated

For usage instructions and usage policy see the propane furnace page. Despite the smaller size, all the same safety precautions still apply. Note that no charge is applicable for use of this kiln

With the pledge funds raised we currently (as of 2022-05-17) have three crucibles, one each for copper alloys, aluminium and silver. As and when these crucibles fail and need replacement we will need to either to raise a pledge for more or take on a 1 user - 1 crucible policy


Original purchase specs from the manufacturer's website: File:VEVOR Automatic 2kg Melting Furnace 2Kilo Silver Gold Pour Bar w Graphite Crucible B VEVOR UK.pdf