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Parweld XTM161
MIG welder side.jpg
Model Parweld XTM161
Sub-category defunct
Status Out of order
Consumables MIG wire, Gas
Training requirement yes
ACnode No
Origin Donation from EMF
Location Basement, Dirty Metal Shop
Maintainers Dean, Liam, Hipster, Russ,

A new MIG welder has been purchased. It's very nice.

Controls for the MIG welder


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Welding Stainless Steel

(dump from an email from Russ)

Details on stainless welding here (including which grade wire to use):

Note that after welding, the surface of the metal is not as nonreactive as pristine stainless, and it's also pitted. Depending on the grade of finish required (food-grade tanks tend to require smoother finishes) metal fabricators will either grind or (better) "pickle" the surface to reduce this. Pickling is carried out with a mix of Nitric and Hydrofluoric acids and is generally not something I want to touch with a bargepole.

Other thing to note is that fumes from stainless welding contain chromium and nickel and hence are more toxic and carcinogenic than normal welding fumes. The ventilation isn't brilliant, so I'd suggest breathing apparatus of some description.

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