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Liebert GXT2 UPS
Model UPStation GXT2
Sub-category Networking
Status Under construction
Last updated 30 October 2013 20:28:51
Consumables n/a
Accessories Serial Cable
Training requirement yes
ACnode no
Owner LHS
Location Basement rack
Maintainers Sysadmin team


This is the large UPS with the noisy fan next to the rack in the basement.

It currently provides backup power for boole and the switch downstairs.

Unfortunately it's not supported by the net ups tools, it's serial protocol has been reversed fairly well tho:

Patching the net ups tools to support our usp would be a good weekend project for someone!

Emerson (who appear to have acquired Liebert at some point) do have Linux tools to talk to it, they work but are a bit strange:

Plugged into serial. network ups tools now supports this UPS, seems to be working:

  • root@ubuntu:/etc/nut# upsc liebert
  • device.mfr: Liebert
  • device.model: MultiLink
  • device.type: ups
  • liebert
  • driver.parameter.pollinterval: 2
  • driver.parameter.port: /dev/ttyUSB0
  • driver.version: 2.6.4
  • driver.version.internal: 1.02
  • ups.mfr: Liebert
  • ups.model: MultiLink
  • ups.status: OL LB


  • The 2 FTTC modems need to be powered by the ups.
  • The power to the rack in the quiet room comes downstairs by the riser to the left of the ground floor fire door to the common area, the power cables should be detached from the main distro panel and feed back to the rack in the basement, there is enough slack for that to happen.
  • Need to check that Backdoorbot will all run properly from POE.
  • What do we do with frontdoorbot? (If there is a power outage we can't close or open the roller shutter anyway!)

Final setup

Both the power to the rack upstairs and the important things in the rack downstairs are on the ups. Backdoorbot will be protected from power outages since it if running off of POE. Wifi will work since it runs off of POE.