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The Hackspace carries a range of electronic (and other) components in stock. As a rule, members can use anything for free, as long as the cost is less than £1. However, if you're using more than £5-£10 worth of components a month, we'd appreciate a donation to cover those costs.

If you're a member of the space we'll happily order components for you and take advantage of bulk discounts/free shipping. If the component you request is cheap, we may order more than you need and bring it into stock in the space (if that's the case, then it's free as above).

Add items to one of the lists below if you'd like them to be stocked at the Hackspace or if you see that something's running out and needs reordering.

Catalogue of Components

Below is a catalogue of the components available in the space.

  • Electronics Room (overview photos)

IMG 5428.jpg

  • Electronics Room (close-up photos)

D1.png D1

1000μF 6.3V | 0.1/0.22/0.33μF TANT | | Trimmer 22pF

1000μF 16V | 0.47/1.0/1.5μF TANT | |

1000μF 25V | 2.2/3.3/4.7μF TANT | |

Current pot

Approximately £35 on 3/OCT/2015 Stored in the big safe


Fill out this form. ☜

Once we get enough components to order, we'll order them. You can view what was ordered on this spreadsheet. Please add a link for the item (with the quantity required). Preferably use one of the following suppliers, whichever's cheapest. If you can't find what you need on these sites look for an alternative supplier, ideally one offering free delivery.

  • Farnell - Main UK Site
  • CPC - Farnell white label - larger items are sometimes cheaper here than on the main Farnell site
  • Rapid Online - As yet untried, but looks cheaper than Farnell

Please do not edit the wiki as a way to comment on other people's requests - post to the mailing list instead.

Urgent Requests

Please only add things here if you think it can't wait until the items on the standard requests list get ordered. Also, mention it on the IRC channel or mailing list to make sure that someone with access to the Farnell account sees it soon.

  • Replace this line with your request

Standard Requests

Items on this list will usually be ordered approximately monthly from Farnell/CPC/Rapid Online or as soon as there's enough on the list for the order to be eligible for free delivery. Items from other sites where there's a delivery cost may get ordered more sporadically.

Previous orders (DO NOT EDIT)

This section is to keep track of past orders. DO NOT edit this section unless you have just made an order.

If you want to report stuff that's running low or missing, copy the relevant item to one of the requests sections above.

17th April 2015


  • Collets for rotary tools non-farnell (ebay)
  • 5-50 pcs 5.5x2.1mm CCTV DC Power Connector Cable Plug Wire Pigtail Male,50 pcs Ebay
  • 5-50 pcs 5.5x2.1mm CCTV DC Power Connector Cable Plug Wire Pigtail Female,50 pcs Ebay

CPC Farnell

Element 14 Farnell

June 2013

  • Hex inverter CD4009UBE @Farnell
  • 3.5mm stereo jack
  • 4093 (four NAND Schmitt Triggers in one chip, useful for e.g. polyphonic square wave oscillators) (now UK stock)
  • 4017B ("decade counter"/10-step counter, useful for sequencers) (now UK stock)
  • 555 and 556 timers. These are generally useful, we should always keep a few in stock.
  • Bits for the Oki PS-900 soldering station. PHT or SFV series should fit, and be hot enough for toxic-flux lead-free solder.
  • chocolate blocks
  • 200 x 2.5mm Cable Ties Delivered
  • NPN transistors. There was a bag marked 2N3904. I think that's a reasonable Farnell part to replace it with.

May 2014

  • Desoldering braid (get 4) Farnell
  • 9v PP3 batteries Farnell
  • Medium (1mm) (get 2) soldering wire Farnell
  • Fine (0.5mm) (get 2) soldering wire Farnell
  • NPN transistors 2N3904.
  • Chocolate blocks Farnell
  • SRAM CMOS 64K, 623308, DIP28 Farnell
  • RESISTOR, 2.2K, 0.125W, 1% Farnell

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