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People: Paddyd, Phil, Russ

We have sockets and 2.5mm cable aplenty.

Phil's already done the ring main and water heater circuit, and a few sockets. Ms7821 09:28, 16 February 2012 (UTC)

Phil's List

16mm = 26m (non armoured)

P-clips for 16mm = 50

4mm or 6mm T+E = 18m total

Clips to suit = 50

No more 2.5mm required :)

Distribution board to be RCD type

Suggest a 6way board, (room for expansion/reuse elsewhere if we move...)

Breakers 3x32A 1x16A 2x blanking covers


  • Distro box: 3x32A breakers, 1x16A breaker (6 way suggested, so 2xblank)
  • 1x63A breaker (presumably C 63, make for 3-phase is currently Hager NC316 C16 400V)
  • Cables:
Purpose Power Gauge Length
Distro 63A 10mm^2 >>1m+14m+4m = 20m
Oven 5kW (>>22A) 4mm^2 >>2m+2m = 5m
Hob 6kW/6.6kW (>>29A) 4mm^2 >>2m+2m = 5m
Water heater guess 3kW (13A) 2.5mm^2 >>2m = 3m
Ring main 2.5mm^2 >>((2m+2.5m+2.5m)+(2m+2m))*2 = 25m

Upgrade diameters (4-6, 16-25) if not clipped to a masonry or wooden wall. Phil suggests 18m for the 4mm and 26m for the distro feed

  • 50xP-clips for 16mm
  • 50xP-clips for 4mm

And to finish off the sockets:

  • 5x Double dry lining boxes (25mm deep or more)
  • 2x single dry lining boxes (any depth)

Suggested suppliers

  • TLC-direct (cheap, but whole drum)
  • ?

Back-up option

  • 2x4mm runs, one for hob, one for oven
  • Put boiler on a fused spur or do a separate 2.5/4mm run for that.