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Y = yellow end (left). Looking down at the main bed there are numbers under the needles. They're yellow coloured counting left from 0 in the centre.

G = green end (right). Looking down at the main bed there are numbers under the needles. They're green coloured counting right from 0 in the centre.


2018-11-29 note by Rawles and Personsoup

The sponge bar needs to be replaced since it is no longer keeping the needles up. We have ordered a replacement and will be fitting it when it arrives.

05/12/2014 note by marekventur

Fixed problem with power unit (there was a lose solder spot that caused sparks and unhealthy sounds) and replaced 4 needles on the ends that were jamming.

26/10/2013 note by Solexious

Replaced needle Y18 as hood wasn't able to lay flat backwards without jamming. Replaced with end needle as couldn't locate fresh spares. Do we have any? If not can order from bsk in my next order to replace all missing ones.

28/10/2013 note by chixor

Replaced needles Y3 and Y4 with two on the end as one of these hoods kept getting caught under the hook. After taking the knitting off the machine we couldn't ascertain which of the two was the culprit so placed them both back at the Y end for testing.


Also noticed one needle on the G end is bent, it should be removed.

Upon investigation, discovered our collection of spare needles in the crate are very rusty. Need to go at them with car polish and/or buy better ones (which ever is cheaper).

Also found the main bed tension unit in the ribber box but the plastic clip that holds it to the tension mast is broken (currently living loose in the crate). We're currently using a tension unit for the colour changer, they are somewhat different. Need to either print or buy a replacement plastic clip.

31/10/2013 note by chixor

Added another pack containing 7 mylar sheets to the knitting shelf.

Added a new mylar pen to the goodies box in the knitting machine case.

Stole the hackspace blue and white yarns to begin work on hackspace scarves to raise money for knitting machine yarn and accessories.

10/11/2013 ish note by Solexious

Replaced all missing needles, forgot to remove any broken ones at the end of the rows, these still need to be looked at and removed if needed.

Someone keeps setting the carriage to CR when packing away the machine, it means it isn't held to the bed securely, anyone know who?

Shopping List 29/10/2013

  • plastic clip to hold the main bed tension unit (currently living in the ribber box) onto the tension mast. The broken plastic clip is loose in the crate.
  • enough fresh spare needles to fill the main bed again (~20).
  • car polish to have a go at the rusty spare needles.
  • new mylar sheet pen delivered 31/10/2013
  • new mylar sheets delivered 31/10/2013